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Talking about creating websites, it is impossible not to bring a topic concerning Web Development. Two magic words: Web and Development. How much they mean, how much they are useful, incredible, sometimes difficult to understand.

Conqueror IT represents the image of the Company, who is interested in satisfying Client's Concerns and Expectations. To build better understanding of the Product that you are going to get, we provide a full Review about Web Development for You.

Imagine a wonderful design of static pages of your website, interesting and well-organized content... Nice view, a pleasure for the eyes. But how does it become interactive? How can we make it react to user's actions? How can it gather information from the visitors of the website?
That is the point: here we are meeting WEB DEVELOPMENT.

Only Scripts and Web Development can make your website alive, active and useful. Only with Scripts programmers are able to add Poll, Feedback, Search Sections and many other useful things.
Nowadays it is an extreme exigency for any website.
What kinds of Web Development are used nowadays? What tools of Web Development are popular? But first of all, for better understanding it is vital to note that such tools can be divided into: tools/scripts that work on the side of the server (i.e. on the computer where the website is located) and on the side of the client (i.e. on the side of the user who is checking this website).
When Internet just started, decades ago, there had already been popular programming languages, as Pascal, C. The problem was in the contradiction of functionality and hackers defense, to satisfy both very important requirements, specific tools and languages appeared. 
The most widely spread languages are:

Javascript. Javascript is the language that was invented in the beginning of 90s by Netscape, due to popularity of Netscape Navigator Browser.
Why Javascript? Mainly, because it is really based on java-language, but you should note that those are completely different languages. Scripts made in Javascript are implemented on the client's side (on the user's computer, in browser itself). Javascript is an easy and useful language that enables any person easily manage the content, tracing many different activities of the user, reacting to them.
That is why, Javascript is unique and appears to be the first language that any web-developer should learn.

Java. This language was created with the purpose to write programs, oriented to work in computer systems and Internet. Using Java, you can create applications that work on the side of the server, or on the side of the client. Not like Javascript, program on Java is not built into html-code, but works under control of
special virtual device Java. Besides, java-applets, little autonomic programs can be created on this platform.

JQuery. It is a JavaScript framework. It is like a "collection of useful functions" that help better to do things that are usually done in JavaScript, but in a more comfortable way. Why JQuery? First of all, JQuery is a cross browser compatibility. It is universal framework that is perfect for any browser. Visual effects, codes are much better and easier implemented in JQuery too. Moreover, JQuery is the fastest one! :) JQuery is used by Google and it is to attach JQuery to any of your pages in one click!

Joomla. Funny name, isn't it? It has a connection with the word "Jumla", from African Language Suhaili and means "altogether".
Actually, it is a free system for creating websites. It is a project with open initiative code that most of the times is not stable. This project has been developing for seven years and it is extremely popular among million users around the Globe!
Joomla Project is a result of "hot discussions" between Mambo Foundation, based in 2005 and its developers. Joomla is used in the whole world as to create plain homepages or intricate corporate websites. It is easy to use and very reliable.

Flash. Flash technology has been developed by Macromedia to create animated images, and owned now by Adobe. This technology has spread very fast, and Actionscript language can be used also for creating different types of programs, especially games.

What about server? What is it?
Server can be: a computer in the network, where web pages are located or a special program that provides necessary functions.
Among server tools and web development languages you can find the following:

SSI |Server Side Include|
It is not the language, it is a little package of directives. The most useful one is directive INCLUDE that enables a user to add any file into its html-code before sending a page into Browser.  

Perl. Perl appears to be one of the oldest languages that was created specifically for server programming and it appeared even before mass internet development. When Perl has spread, it started to be used as a tool for writing programs to websites, but PHP is more popular nowadays.

PHP. This language appeared very lately, thanks to its easiness and flexibility it acquired many followers around the globe and became of the most popular web development languages. It is quite easy, universal and programs with many different databases, graphics etc. can be used for writing programs.

MySQL. MySQL is not a web development language as you thought, it is a database that is one of the most popular among those that are used for creating websites. Of course, you can keep information in files, but when there is a lot of information and it needs to be structured, you need a database for sure.
Very often evolution takes place in the world, and in Internet too. This evolution mostly means making life of people easier and for this purpose CMS is used. What do these three letters mean?

CMS |Content Management System|
It is like a pure list that you can fill with your experience, thoughts, content in general just in a couple of clicks. Special for ordinary users to help him/her better handle his business machine - website. It helps to make the website interactive, that contains working scripts, without the necessity to have "technical" knowledge.  

Great you know all of this for now, dear reader!
Impressed by the major tools that can be used? We are ready to provide you with all of them, including Content Management System, MySQL, etc.

You think Why? Because our Client is always the first priority whom we take care of and try to make his/her life easy, productive and full of spectacular web experience.

Visit us at www.conqueror.ae

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