Quick Search Engine Marketing Tips for Everyone

Even with the many sites that are well-put together, there’s still a possibility that you’ll come across one that will really make you click the ‘back’ button soon after. Or you’ll find one that was ridiculously hard to come across. Obviously, you don’t want either one happening to your own company’s website, whether you hire an IT company in Dubai or keep such tasks in-house.

With the Internet firmly rooted as an integral part of online marketing, it’s becoming more and more important for companies to learn even the basics when it comes to search engine marketing Dubai and optimization. This is an important part of ensuring that a website can be easily found when using certain search terms, therefore guarding against the company losing money because of the site. So here are a few tips that anyone, at all stages of learning search engine optimization (SEO) can definitely remember and use.

1.      Content matters. Well written, unique content means higher quality, which will make it easier for a search engine to index your page at a higher ranking. Using a focused keyword or phrase will make it even easier.

2.       Build quality links. Simply put, there should be a reason a website will link back to yours, and it should be logical. If there’s no reason at all, don’t waste your time building that bridge.

3.       Rock the title tag. Use a unique title tag for every page on your site, and be sure to use one of your primary keywords in it. If you really want your company name in the tag, you’ll want to move it to the end, particularly if you’re not that well-known yet.

4.       Freshen up. Updating your pages with new and useful content will make your site more relevant, so the search engine will view it more favorably.

5.       Don’t keyword-stuff. The quality of your content decreases if you try to stuff more keywords into the text, rendering it unnatural-sounding. Search engines don’t normally go for that. If you have an unusually high number of search terms in your text, the engine will count that against you, instead of for you.

6.       Keep Java spare. Java script, image maps and links cannot be crawled by the search engine spiders, so make sure the page has text links on them somewhere for the little ‘bots’ to find and crawl on.

7.       Link properly. The links to your website and among pages of the same site should use your chosen keywords. For instance, you want a tweet or a Facebook post that you’re using as part of your social media marketing company Dubai to link to your site. Instead of the ubiquitous ‘Click here’, use one of your keywords (“holiday deals” or “holiday tours” if you’re a travel company, for instance).

8.       Location helps. Building your local client base is important, since they’re right in your backyard (figuratively speaking). Include your location in your text – and even in a few of your well-chosen keywords – and people in your area will be able to find you easily. 

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