IT Solutions In Dubai: 7 Tips To Creating A Great Social Media Presence

Those social media pros will tell you not to be concerned with building up your followers but they have a lot of these followers already. As a company providing IT solutions in Dubai, you can take this advice with a grain of salt.

When you are a starter in Dubai UAE social media, you’d think that obtaining a lot of followers is hard. Yes, it would be hard at the start. But as you go along, you’ll find out that it’s about getting engaged with people and presenting content that will truly interest people and that’s how you get more followers in the long run.

Having a long term goal for your social media exposure is a smart thing to do because this will give you back a lot of website traffic when the method is done properly. Apparently, this is the ultimate goal of all your social media exposure—to give your website a fresh supply of visits from people who are really interested in your products.

How do you start your social media exposure as a support to your online marketing Dubai strategy? Here are a few tricks to note:

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1. Provide good visuals for your audience. This means that you can post images that relate to your topics. In addition, you have to provide a good profile picture or avatar, a cover or header image and good backgrounds in all your social media profiles.

2. Place social buttons on your website. This might be just a little thing for you but if you work on this, you will notice that a lot of people will visit your social network profiles. Make the buttons conspicuous for your visitors so they will be convinced to click on these buttons.

3. Give perks for people who follow you in social media. Your website can announce the perks that will be provided for people who will follow your accounts in Twitter, Facebook or YouTube channel.

4. For Facebook, ask your employees to support it. At the outset, you would need 30 likes to view your insights and statistics. Make them your own brand ambassadors so that they can spread the word about your business to their friends and family.

5. Give complete information on your social media profiles. Important things such as company name, address, hours of operation, contact number and contact person should be visible to your audience.

6. Share online content from other sites like videos, photos, links or articles. Online engagement means that you also value the information other sites provide. This will give your audience the impression that you are not purely after promoting your own products.

7. Use hash tags. What is a hash tag? It is placing a hash mark (#) before a word or a phrase, used in a message to classify a keyword or topic of interest. Do not think this is outdated because this will help fine-tune the search done by people in social media networks. You can use hashtags in Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus and many others.

Social media optimization is one of the best IT solutions in Dubai to grow traffic on the website and eventually provide growth to business.

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