3 Existential Logo Trends Used Today

Logo creation is one of the many things every starting up business has to greatly consider making once they begin their profit-creating venture. Some would say it’s pretty easy. There are also those who would say it’s a hefty. When you ask an expert logo designer’s perception on the matter, they would say it’s an equal share of both aspects. 

There are lots of graphic companies centered on the creation of logo design. Dubai has lots of those just like any other technological country and just like any other country; they have their own share of guidelines to follow in order to create the most prolific work of art that best represents a company. It has to be compelling, catchy and purposeful. Those are among the many qualities each designer ought to follow. So many designs in mind but there are some that arrive to be commonly used lately because of its familiar characteristic.

That being said, here are the utmost existing logo trends so far...

1. Embossed Effect

Such logos have the prominent characteristic to be shiny. They are mostly square-shaped logos with rounded corners and giving off the semi-illuminated middle section. The thing about having embossed logos is that they appear to be tangible in the face of its viewers. They are the icon types that emphasize the logo’s 3D – imaging which brings out a certain depth in its creative element – making them appear more touchable when they’re truthfully not.

This element is commonly used by Apple in their software icons that it’s become one of the things that give them their identity.  

2. Gradual Opacity

Playing with the elements of clear colors and your image’s transparency, the blending of the shades in the logo makes out for a positively simple kind of design. It uses the sophisticated characteristic of elegance which delicately plays out its opacity. It can be seen used on numerous commercial mediums such as banners Dubai even has lots of them.  

Such design is does not really require a heavy set of graphic imaging. It can do well in representing simple yet classical ones – making them appear timeless and versatile altogether. Designs showcasing the means of opacity offer out the creative point in experimenting with analogous color schemes. 

3. The Cute Factor

Eye – catching and aesthetically pleasing, using cute logos to represent your company will definitely earn you the factor of adorability. It’s hard to argue. Humans have the innate capability to submit or appreciate things that give off the cute and fuzzy feels. 

There’s not much to describe on this trend but the fact that you will attract all kinds of customers. Child, adolescents and seasoned alike, their eyes will be set on your logo. ---You just got to be sure you’re catching the attention of the right audience of your logo design in Dubai. For example, you wouldn’t want to be utilizing cute figures to commercialize a serious banking company – that’s just common sense.

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