Make Your Images Work Better For Your Website

Going through numerous websites these days, you will notice how pictures have the ability to maximize its overall appeal. True enough, great photography has the downright capability to enhance the theme of a website through web design and web development Abu Dhabi and make it look more interesting – amazing even. However, the challenge of acquiring these notable images is quite dominating.

There comes a time when you’re lacking the sources to obtain such thematic photos. There are also times when you feel as if the images you have just don’t possess the right kind of aesthetic elements. Worry not. There are actually numerous ways for you to enhance those images without having to replace them. Here are the simple ways on how you can do it:
NOTE: For best results, high resolution images are highly advised.  

1. Crop
You should never ever underestimate the power of cropping unnecessary parts of a photo. Cropping actually has this secret application – simple tool, huge impact. Modifying the focus and aspect ratio of a specific image is enough to convert something simple and turn it into something impactful. Try contemplating on vertical and horizontal shapes. You might think cropping is just a simple editing tool but if you really give it some thought. It is actually more than that. 

2. Blur
You actually notice this style being applied on numerous websites these days. Having blurred backgrounds or headers have this subtle artistic ring to it. You get to notice how it is able to clean up or maximize a photo that you originally deemed to be “almost” perfect. 

Graphic design Abu Dhabi gets that a lot lately – the whole “almost” perfect impression. The thing about having such an impression is the fact that it is able to present the right elements but its lacking something. Usually, blurring the image entirely does that trick and voila! It becomes utterly fulfilled. 

3. Repackaging
If cropping is taking out the unnecessary parts of a photo, repackaging refers to the artistic style that involves breaking the image into separate pieces. It may occupy more space but it is a fun tool to utilize, especially when you feel like you’re lacking the feel of proper aesthetics. You have the option to break the photo into panels or in rows but you just got to be sure that such style suits the entirety of the image. As advised by web and logo design Abu Dhabi professionals, go for photos that have symmetrical and off – center pairings. 

4. Multiple Colorizations
Notice how some company based graphic designer Abu Dhabi takes one photo and multiplies it with different color aspects? This is actually a neat trick that would allow designers to be free on the kinds of colors they want to make use of. The image is basically the same but with the way that it is presented in numerous hues; variety is already a galvanizing output.

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