4 Reasons Why Professionals Discourage Music on Your Website

Ever experienced having to visit a site when out of a blue, music starts playing on your speakers? If yes, how did that make you feel? Did it make you happy? Excited? Exhilarated? Did it incur positive emotions on you? I’m guessing not so much. As a matter of fact, it’s highly likely that it triggered annoyance on your behalf. You’d be so quick to find that mute icon so you can go on and continue browsing in peace (or without another audio overlapping the music you’re listening to while you’re browsing).

There are different kinds of recognizable social media marketing Dubai these days and have you seen music embedded into their main site? Definitely not, and it’s all because of these following (and very understandable) reasons.

This is not your MySpace account – be professional

The last thing you would want to be labeled as once you launch your website is ‘newbie, or noob or unprofessional.’ When you put background music that plays once your site finishes loading up, it’s as if you are wearing a newbie watermark on your website’s home page. Trust me, this is not what you would want to create as a first impression. You want credibility and putting background music sort of nullifies your claim for that.

Most notable individuals of social media marketing company Dubai discourage such strategy because it’s commonly done only on personalized sites. Blogs can apply this creativity but professionalism calls out for the minimalistic approach, not a blaring one.

Your website will take longer to load up

In the basis of creating a highly effective website, the trick is to make a webpage that doesn’t take up so much time to load up. When you embed music in the home page, you can kiss that trait goodbye. Having a 30 – second (or longer) music load up along with your site’s visuals will kill the easy loading time that you ought to achieve fluidly.

Repeat play is irksome

Say the music is actually pretty catchy or seems to have piqued the interest of the visitor. Thus, the music keeps playing continuously while the visitor browses the contents of the site. From this introduction alone, you could already assume that the visitor would eventually get tired of the music playing on loop.

Common situations have led us to assume that continuous play destroys the music’s listening quality. We all eventually get tired of hearing the same thing over and over again. What then happens now? You just lost a visitor because of that annoying background music.

People have different tastes in music

You don’t have to be the ultimate psychologist to understand that we all have a different taste in music. Now, in creating a comprehensive website you aim to please the visitor’s taste and there’s not one unified taste in music for your target market. From this thought alone, ecommerce website Dubai started to shun the idea of adding music on their client’s webpage because sweeping generalization is one fallacy they cannot afford to commit.

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