5 Web Design Trends That Will Change the World Wide Web for 2015

Technology is not meant to be stable because it is ever changing. Find out how things will be much different in the World Wide Web for this 2015.

Encompassing Background Images

A lot of experts are able to sense how massive brands like Apple and Google Nexus apply huge background images on their main websites. Basing it from their adaptation to such trend, we can expect that more websites will be embracing the usage of massive BG images on their websites and being complemented by rich typography and subtle parallax effects.

Card – based adaptations

There’s really no telling how small or how big each user’s screen will be but when a card becomes used as the main basis for the design interface, things can now possibly be more unified. Content needs to fit on different types and sizes of screen, and cards are the easiest way to make that work across platforms. A web design Abu Dhabi firm confirmed this adaptation in some of their late projects last year and they are seeing that it will be much widely used as this year progresses.

Prioritizing Digital Branding

Everything is now done online and when promoting content is concerned, digital branding appears to have a more effective approach. As more companies realize their customers' primary experience with them is online, we'll see more digital-first-approaches to branding. Companies will eventually de-prioritize the traditional means and instead highlight all means that are digital.

Open Access Data

Before, web designin Abu Dhabi used to value exclusivity but now it would appear that the more information you let out, the more visitors you’re going to get. True enough, a consistent stream of responsive data is more useful when you wish to establish a strong connection with your viewers. Once you’ve met their every need, once they begin asking for more, you can easily exemplify a more exclusive and a more compelling form of content.

Responsive Design Evolution

A professional web designer Abu Dhabi predicted that responsive design will experience another kind of evolution in its form as a whole. Predictive user – interfaces may very well be possible if programmed appropriately.

Increased Iterations

What once worked will be improved and so on and so forth. Developers and designers will continue to learn and they will find the latest processes or systems that will increase productivity in each website. Expect enhancements on existing concepts and technologies, with increasingly sophisticated web layouts, better typography, and more designing in the browser.

Effervescent Designs

For this year, designs will be more inclined to touching base with imaginations and the magic of digital. It is time to embrace bold, graphical and intentional. It’s about the vibrant, unexpected colors, contrasted with subdued and muted environments; large-scale typography, soft directional lighting and shadow; the use of responsive design best practices; and meaningful motion – carefully choreographed animation that provides fluid, seamless touch transitions and, more importantly, delights users.

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